Sunday, 24 October 2010

How to make a carpet with corks?

Materials that you need

- 180 corks approximately
- Selfadhesive paper with a porous surface
- Hot silicone
- Cardboard cutter
- Scissors
- Cutting board
- Sandpaper
- Ruler


The first thing that you have to do is to cut the corks in halfs. Then polish the irregular bases with the sandpaper to have a equal base.

Then put the cutted corks trying to create a rectangle with the flat side down. A good size for the carpet can be 46 cm x 76 cm that's like 10 halves of cork in vertical and 35 halves corks horizontally.

Now that you have your rectangle, you have to measure and cut the selfadhesive paper with the size that you want to make your carpet and then put the corks on the adhesive surface.

Fill the selfadhesive paper with the corks from the outside to inside and reinforce them with hot silicone on the bottom side and a little on the sides to stick them well and then just continue until to fill the rest of the rectangle.

To give the carpet a better finish you can give it a "personal touch" puting on the edge of it a piece of a ribbon or you can also varnish the corks.

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