Wednesday, 20 October 2010

What do we understand by the term sustainability ?

Couple of days ago, I was talking with some friends sharing a cup of an organic red wine from the Colchagua Valley, delicious by the way !, well suddenly we where discussing about organic products and all that involve the organic concept, from there the discussion derived on the sustainability and for my surprise I found out that some of my friends had a completely different idea about the meaning of sustainability, at least of what I understand form the term, one of them propose (the owner of the restaurant where we were having that terrific wine) that his restaurant was sustainable because it had the capacity to be self-supporting, but he was only thinking in  a economic matter, so I asked him what about the large amount of garbage that the restaurant produce every day or if there was any kind
I would like to discuss about what Chileans understand by the concept of sustainability.

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