Sunday, 24 October 2010

Permaculture Intensive Workshop: "Living Permaculture"

Agrotechnologies Educational Park 
Linares - Region del Maule - Chile.
Dates: Saturday 30 - Sunday October 31 - November 1

This course is to sow the seeds of a new vision regarding the relationship between people and nature, walking toward a greener society.
What are the benefits of learning to design with permaculture?
This course is intensive and practical level, is developed for all people and groups who have taken the decision to change their lifestyle to a more sustainable, participatory, creative, harmonious with the physical and social environment, learning conceptstheoretical - practical permaculture and leading them into practice to begin to develop self-sustaining poles (in neighborhoods, groupsCommunity eco-villages and similar options) with greater autonomy, beginning with the home,neighborhood or community.

Topics that are including:

-Design method of permaculture.
-Principles and techniques of organic agriculture.
-Knowledge of main natural patterns observed.
-Use, recycling and conservation of the water domestic and irrigation.
-Recycling of waste organic  
-Design and concept to create a Biological Corridor.
-Solar Technologies craft and high technology

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